Why Attend Church?

The primary reason why men, women, children, young people – families and friends – should attend Church is to respect and obey God’s clear command: Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness (I Chronicles 16:29).  A one-hour worship service on Sunday morning at the beginning of each week offers those made in His Image an important opportunity to “be still” before Him and reestablish their bearings in the journey of life.

We might ask ourselves a question.  Is this command given for the benefit of God or for the benefit of man?  Since God is totally self-existent and self-sustaining, He has no need of anything.  He continues forever, unchanged.  But we, who were created by Him, remain dependent upon Him throughout our numbered days.  So it is for the benefit of mankind that He has invited us – indeed, mandated us – to worship Him regularly.  He knows, even if we do not, the importance of weekly worship.

One honest look at mankind, and we catch a glimpse of why He is concerned for our well-being!  Man is self-destructive.  In his mad dash through life, he is easily misled into hurtful troubles and difficulties.  Blood pressures rise.  Tempers flare.  Stress consumes.  Jangled nerves yield thoughtless words.  Life soon resembles a grist mill.  A pressure cooker.  Apprehensions lead to anxiety.  Anxiety to fear.  Fear to worry.  And man finds himself under a mountain of phobias and neuroses and illnesses.

God understands those made in His Image.  And He holds out hope and guidance.  His soothing Voice invites healing and peaceful calm – a personal relationship with Him.  Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.  He reminds us we are not alone.  He prompts us to return to Him Who possesses all strength and wisdom.  Who governs all.  Who cares about us.  Who assists and supports.  We all need downtime marked by silence and reflection.  Regeneration and renewal are necessities for the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve.

He openly invites us into an environment of encouragement.  The worship of the Ancient of Days, though personal, is never in isolation; it is a network of interpersonal care by others also traveling the path of life.  Church is a place where we may unwind and “recharge,” as it were.  Worry is left at the door and exchanged for acceptance, support and fellowship.  Church is a place where human hands and feet and hearts are offered in help.  It is not without reason that such an assembly is called a “Church Family.”

We are all on a pilgrimage through life to our eternal destiny.  Would anyone imagine embarking on a cross-country trip without scheduled stops for fuel?  And do we require any less?  Do you attend Church?  If not, why?  Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness. 


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