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Chalcedon Foundation – Established in 1965, Chalcedon (kal-SEE-dun) is a Christian educational organization devoted to research, publishing, and promoting Christian reconstruction in all areas of life.

Ligonier Ministries – For 30 years, Ligonier has been producing Christian education materials designed to fill the gap between Sunday School and Seminary.

Presidential Prayer Team – An independent, non-partisan effort to encourage prayer for this and future administrations, and key leaders of our nation.

Ross House Books – Publishing house featuring the works of the late Rousas John Rushdoony.


10 Free Bible teaching at Ligonier Ministries

Dr. John Gerstner Apologetics (14 lessons)
Dr. R.C. Sproul Chosen by God (6 lessons)
Dr. R.C. Sproul Objections Answered (8 lessons)
Dr. R.C. Sproul The Holiness of God (6 lessons)
Dr. R.C. Sproul Pleasing God (6 lessons)
Dr. John Gerstner Handout Church History (39 lessons)
Dr. R.C. Sproul The Last Days According to Jesus (12 lessons)
Dr. R.C. Sproul What is Reformed Theology? (12 lessons)
Dr. R.C. Sproul The Providence of God (6 lessons)
Dr. R.C. Sproul The Cross of Christ (6 lessons)


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