Our History

Saint Paul’s Anglican Church was founded in 1964 by a group of ex-Episcopalians in response to the adoption of humanist ideas by the main-line Episcopal Church. The social gospel of that day introduced theories which were contrary to Holy Scripture and unacceptable to these God-fearing people. They were compelled to find for themselves, and even more for their children, an alternative worship service which remained true to the admonitions of the Bible. Finding none acceptable among the main-line denominations, the group adopted the name of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, and began worship services in rented or borrowed accommodations in Belmont, Menlo Park, and Los Altos. The lay leader of the group commenced his studies at a San Francisco seminary, subsequently being ordained to the diaconate and then to the priesthood.

In God’s providence, the Church found a permanent home when the property at 101 North El Monte Avenue, Los Altos, came on the market in 1970. A small Baptist group had built two lovely buildings on two acres of land, but unfortunately for them, and fortunately for us, they were not able to continue at this location. Saint Paul’s acquired the property, and the first service in its new home was held on October 25, 1970.

Saint Paul’s Anglican Church is incorporated under the laws of the State of California. Both federal and state tax deductibility have been granted. The Church is a founding member of the Anglican Churches of America and Associates (founded in 1968), a confederation of churches of like mind and doctrine (not necessarily Anglican), whose purpose is the defense of the Gospel, and mutual assistance in such efforts as a seminary, Christian schools, Christian hospitals, and any agreed-upon proper effort for Christian churches. The founding members were the Rt. Rev. C. Truman Davis, Dr. Rousas John Rushdoony, and Rev. Norman R. Milbank. Our rector and presiding Bishop is the Right Reverend Ronald C. Johnson.

Why Anglican?
We are an Anglican Church in that we hold to the same doctrines that the early church universally believed, and which were rekindled in the sixteenth century by the English Reformers. Christianity was established in ancient Celtic Britain at the latest by the second century and it existed for centuries as an autonomous part of Christ’s One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church (Catholic = Universal). It was one of the most spiritually vigorous and evangelistic branches of the Universal Church, sending missionaries to Europe and Africa, including St. Patrick, the great missionary to Ireland. Not until the seventh century did most of the Celtic church voluntarily submit itself to the Bishop of Rome, and some sections of it remained independent and true until the twelfth century.

During the Reformation, the English Reformers were able to examine what the early Universal Church believed, and to return to those beliefs. They were not innovators but restorers, aiming to reform that which had been deformed – relying upon the Holy Scripture as their sole guiding principle.

Our Missionary Outreach
St. Paul’s, while not a large congregation, is dedicated to disseminating the Word of God to all. Our primary outreach in this mission is to teach God’s children through Canterbury Christian School, established in response to our Lord’s admonition in Luke 18:16 – “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” We are indebted to Maren Ann Halvorson, with advance degrees in Education, who undertook to open the school in 1974. Commencing as kindergarten with only five pupils, it now extends through 6th grade and can facilitate up to 120 students. The Canterbury student body enjoys chimes, hand bells, choir, art, and P.E. – andis taught Bible-based morals and manners in a daily Chapel service.  Latin, grammar and all traditional subjects are taught using Latina Christiana, Shurley and A Beka curricula.


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